The Summer Of George….er….Sue

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where George proclaims it the “Summer of George“?  Earlier this summer, I determined I was going to proclaim it the “Summer of Sue”, only unlike George, I actually did have a great summer.

It started back in May when I decided to finally get my butt down to Florida to visit my friend Donna.  Donna and I have been friends since we were 12 and 13 – a long freaking time considering that now we are both old bags.  While Donna generally gets to Wisconsin at least once a year because her family is here, I have only gotten to Florida a few of times.  I wanted to see her house, maybe hit the beach and just get back in touch with her and her life.

And I did.  We did.  Just hang out and get back in touch, I mean.  I stayed at her house, got to meet some of her friends, chill with her and Tom in front of the TV, rub Shitheads stomach…  Shithead is the dog.  He has a real name, but for the life of me, I can’t remember.  It begins with a “B” – Brightling?  Breitling?  Something.  Her mom’s dog was there too – I can’t remember her nickname much less her real name, but I can tell you she was a husky that really enjoyed table scraps.

I wanted to buy one of these chairs.

We went to Ikea one day, because I had never been there.   No Ikeas in Wisconsin.  Seriously.  It was pretty cool I have to say.  It was fun to sit in the funky chairs and check out the “houses” they had set up using all Ikea items – it was like walking thru life sized doll houses.  It almost made me want to live in a big city in a tiny apartment just to decorate the entire thing in Ikea.  Almost.


We took one day to go kayaking on the Wekiva river.  We packed a couple coolers with some snacks and a few brewskis and headed out.  Her husband Tom and I were in their double kayak and Donna was in a rented kayak from the park where we put in.  It was a beautiful day – hot with clear skies and not too humid.  We kayaked up and down the river, and swam afterward.  I was pretty nervous at first, because I thought if the kayak tipped I would get trapped inside, but most recreational kayaks have larger cockpits and if you did tip, you would fall right out.  Of course, we were paddling in gator infested waters, so while I wouldn’t have drowned, I may have gotten eaten.

I had so much fun kayaking with Donna and her husband that when I got home from my trip, I convinced my husband to purchase a couple of them for ourselves to use at home, which we did.  And thus started the Summer of Sue.  And a great summer it was.  I will post a few more of my summer activities in the coming weeks, as fall kicks in and the days get shorter.  I hope you enjoy coming along!



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