Summer of Sue Part Deux Photo Journey


First time riding longer than 20 miles – “Tour De Greenleaf” via the Fox River Trail

East River Trail, Green Bay, WI

Fox River Trail, June 2012

Lake Michigan, via the Mariner Trail in Manitowoc, WI July 2012

40 mile ride with Kay, out to Bayshore Park, Dycksville, WI.  June 2012

Alfalfa field on Sportsmans Road, DePere, WI July 2012

Great view of Sportsmans Road. Pretty much goes continually up until you get to the top of the ledge. I used this route a lot this summer, as it has nice, quiet country roads where I can vary my distances, and eventually I can hook up to the Fox River Trail.

A small lake I rested by on my first solo 50 mile ride. Near Hilbert, WI.  Look at that sky!

Boats coming up to the locks – Voyageur Park, DePere, WI July 2012

Boats in the lock in DePere, WI- the Fox River uses a lock system in the northern sections to allow boats to go down river past dams. Locks are needed as the water levels behind the dam are higher than below it.

Kay – waiting to board the ferry to Washington Island, Door County, WI Aug 2012 (with the bike club)

Included this one from Washington Island because I like how cool it turned out.

Wolf spider – a bike club member was walking around with this guy while we rested for lunch. The pic is kind of fuzzy because I was too chicken to get closer. Washington Island, August 2012

Bayshore Bike Club, Washington Island, August 2012, at Jackson Park

Kay and I – Washington Island, August 2012

First rest stop – Door County Century – September 2012. Yes, it was all about the food!!

Enjoying some much deserved strawberry shortcake at the Sister Bay rest stop – Door County Century Sept 2012

Reading the map for the Lakes and Leaves Ride, Antigo, WI, September 2012. I look like my dad in this picture!

Gangsta Kay – Lakes and Leaves, Antigo, WI Sept 2012

Warming up by the fire, after our 38 mile route in 40 degree weather, with off and on rain. Still had fun though! Lakes and Leaves, Antigo, WI Sept 2012

Old house, Sportsmans Road, DePere, WI. Taken Saturday, Sept. 29th. Gorgeous day!

Fox River Trail, DePere, WI Saturday, September 29th. Did I mention it was gorgeous?

I love fall!!

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