100 What? – Bucket List Update

Yes, you read correctly yesterday.  I want to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups.

Deutsch: Liegestützender Mann in gelben Shorts...

This is an old guy doing push ups.  I bet he does more than 100 by the time you are done reading my post.  Jeez, I’m getting tired just watching this! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is even a website for it here.  And, because doing the training one time thru just doesn’t seem horrific enough, I plan on doing it twice:  the first time by doing the “girl” push ups (the ones on your knees), and then the second time doing “boy” push ups.

I can do ‘boy’ push ups, mind you.  However, I have a few issues with getting low enough, and if I do this, I don’t want to feel like I am cheating.  First of all, I am a little ‘top heavy’.  This prevents me from getting as low to the ground as most men do not only for the obvious reason, but also because I lack the upper body strength.  Women just don’t have as much upper body strength as men, so lifting a lot of chest weight with smaller arms is much more difficult.  Or at least that is my excuse.  I like to believe (especially when getting on the scale) that certain body parts weigh a lot more than they actually probably do.

US Navy 090314-N-5366K-056 Athletes battle thr...

US Navy 090314-N-5366K-056 Athletes battle through two minutes of push ups during the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge at Arizona State University in Phoenix (Photo credit: Wikipedia) God Bless Our Troops!

Right now, I think I can do about 10 decent military style push ups.  I can do about 20 sloppy ones.  Maybe 25 if I am well rested and haven’t done any other exercises yet.  In a workout where we have push ups incorporated, I generally end up doing 36-45 total, but not consecutive.  So, I figure I can first build my strength doing alternative push ups this fall, and then when the snow flies, begin the true trophy quest – 100 consecutive boy push ups.

Right now, I am sure some of you are scratching your head and wondering “Why?”  Good question for which I have no real answer, except I want to prove I can do it.  And, heaven help me, I don’t want ‘teacher arms’.  You know what those are – when the teacher erases the board and the flab on the bottom of her bicep waggles back and forth.  The same effect can occur waving good bye or hello.  Arms are arms, not wings, and are therefore not intended to flap.  And I would lay wages that every single woman reading this just waggled her arm, checking for flap.  We are a vain bunch.

Before I sign off, I want to talk a bit about why you may want to consider push ups (besides teacher arms).  The push up is almost the perfect exercise.  It strengthens your arms, chest, back, abs and legs.  You don’t have to buy any equipment and you can do them anywhere, anytime.  You don’t need any special clothing or accessories, and you can modify them to target certain muscle groups. So why don’t more people do push ups on a regular basis?  Because, to put it bluntly, they suck.

I hate them in fact.  And I don’t expect to hate them any less by the time spring rolls around. But I do plan on having some fantastic looking arms for bike season.  🙂

See you Sunday!


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