Today I took advantage of the beautiful weather to ride with a few members of the bike club on their Sunday fun ride.  With the coming of fall and the Packers season, the turn out is slim when kick off is at noon, and today was no exception.  We ended up doing my Sportsmans/Blake Road route, leaving from the boat launch in De Pere by Dairy Queen, for a nice ride of about 31 miles.  It was a gorgeous ride.

Chocolate ride bicycles

Outside Kavarna

Not every ride has to be long and arduous to be beneficial to mind and body.  Take yesterdays ride organized by the Green Bay Bicycle Collective, the Chocolate Clunker.  This was a large fall social ride that starts in downtown Green Bay at Kavarna, and visits our three most popular chocolatiers – Kaaps, Seroogy’s and Beerntsen’s.  They run this every fall, and every spring, the Coffee Clunker.  Prizes are awarded for the funkiest, clunkiest, oldest and sweetest bikes. This is the perfect opportunity for me to ride my Townie, my most favorite bike EVER.

Schwinn Speedster

Old Schwinn Speedster

Rides like this are fantastic for beginners, and really focus on the social aspects of biking.  I think our average speed was under 11 mph and some of the guys took care of holding up traffic for us to keep the group together (there were a lot of us!), so we had plenty of time for talking and laughing as we rode.

Chocolate ride bicycles

The bride and groom!

And believe me, we talked and laughed a lot.  I think the best this year was a couple celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary.  They showed up on an old tandem adorned with horns and streamers, and were dressed as the bride and groom.  Kay, myself and our other friend Meg all had similar color coats on, so we soon became dubbed the “bridesmaids”.

We sang songs (out of tune, of course), and rode in circles and danced a polka with the bride and groom, and had a ‘slow race’ (slowest bike wins – you can’t put your feet down either) and a longest skid competition.  And of course, we bought and ate melt in your mouth chocolate at each stop.   You may have to step out of your comfort zone, but it pays to find groups in your area that support the types of exercise that you like.  You meet people who share your passion and it exposes you to opportunities like this ride.  Getting fit doesn’t have to be an hour-long slog in the gym, but you won’t find things like the Chocolate Clunker if you aren’t willing to step out of your box.  And be sure to bring a friend!!

chocolate ride race

The Slow Race!

chocolate ride bicycles
The Wedding Party!

One thought on “MMMMM….Chocolate

  1. josh

    that sounds like a BLAST. I sure hope I can go next year. It just ended up being on my anniversary weekend when I spend the weekend actually alone with my husband. I’m so proud of you for kicking butt with the biking. You are truly inspirational. I only made it 10 minutes on the bike in the sweatbox today but that was after 40 minutes on the beast so I can’t beat myself up too much.
    No clue why it is going to show Josh’s email instead of mine. WTH??
    love ya sister.



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