Mixed Messages

Christmas Tree

My sister’s tree – so beautiful! This is why she is in design!

Is anyone else having a hard time getting organized this Christmas?  I feel like I can’t get the fuzz out of my brain.  I guess that makes me a cotton headed ninny muggins this year.  Son of a nutcracker!


“You smell like beef and cheese!”

And is it me, or is it just a little depressing this year too?  Maybe it’s all of the talk about the “fiscal cliff”.  I mean, honestly.  How is one supposed to celebrate when they feel like the Marshall family, about to plunge over the waterfall into the Land of the Lost, where they will have to fight for survival with poorly animated dinosaurs, reptilian Sleestaks and Cha-Ka?  I have no where else to go with this analogy, other than to say I hope we have better luck at getting out of trouble than the Marshall’s did.


The Sleestak is probably the least scary of any villain. Even I wasn’t afraid of them.

If we don’t we’ll be like the castaways from the SS Minnow, making cars out of bamboo and vines while living on banana cream pie.  Hmmm.  That actually doesn’t sound that bad.  Oh wait, add giant spiders, head hunters and the occasional radioactive meteor in the mix.  And icing on the cake – a professor that can make a Death Star out of a coconut, but can’t fix the radio.  Of course, we may have a few visits from the 1% portion that is in the entertainment industry.  They’ll invite us up on stage, we’ll sing some songs, they’ll promise to help rescue us, but in the end, leave us stranded in our Honey Bee costumes.

Gilligan's Island

Giant spider from Gilligan’s Island. Still scarier than a Sleestak.

When it’s not the fiscal cliff, we are entertained by war and rumors of war.  Shootings in spas, malls and movie theaters.  There certainly doesn’t seem to be any peace on earth or good will towards men.

So, I have been dealing with this the best way I know how.  Walking the dogs past the neighbors, listening to Christmas music and checking out the local light displays, fueled by Christmas cookies and chocolate.  And prayer.  Lots of prayer.

Dudley Birder Chorale

Dudley Birder Chorale Holiday Pops Concert. It was awesome! My brother in law is in the last row, third guy from the right…

The hope I cling to is the reason we celebrate in the first place – the birth of a Savior.  My Savior.  Your Savior.  Our Savior.  Like the Whos in Whoville, when faced with the loss of their Jing Tinglers, Flu Floopers and Tar Tinkers (not to mention the Roast Beast!) , my Joy must come from within, regardless of the Grinches in this world, and I will sing on Christmas day for my love of the Son, who came to rescue me.  For where my treasure is, there my heart will be also.

Have a good weekend everyone!



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