Blurbing Les Mis

This is just supposed to be a quick blurb, but likely I will ramble, and it will end up being as long as the first chapter of War and Peace. Actually, I have never read War and Peace, so really have no idea how long the first chapter is. My ‘understanding’ is that it’s 10 gazillion pages long (super ‘tick dontcha know) but that is only my opinion so if I am wrong or offended your understanding of the actual length of War and Peace, please do not tell me what an idiot I am and that I wouldn’t know the difference between a novella and a masterpiece if it bit me in the Nook.cossette_det

So, what was that all about? Oh, just distracting you from what I really plan on writing about, which is Les Mis. Oh yes. I jumped on the bandwagon, and such a glorious ride it has been.

I never saw the stage version, and really, not a fan of opera, so wasn’t too interested in seeing this movie. Except…well…Hugh Jackman was in it, and frankly, that fascinated me. I’m not one of those people that follow the lives of movie stars so had no idea he was a Broadway actor nor that he could sing. I have really only seen him in X-Men. So here’s me thinking, “Wolverine is in a musical?”. The more I read about it or heard others reactions, the more I decided I needed to step out of my nerd zone and see it. I was a little nervous about sitting thru a two and a half hour long movie where everyone dies and the entire dialogue is sung. But my friend Dawn wanted to go too, so I knew at least I would have someone to haul me out at the end if I died of boredom.

First and foremost, let me just say that Wolverine is indeed in this movie. He’s the guy that picks up the flag, that lifts the cart to save the man trapped under it and that springs up out of the filth in the sewer to confront Thenardier the innkeeper. Second – I am swoonily in love with Jean Valjean. Or at least Hugh Jackman’s version of him. He did SUCH A GOOD JOB! Third – Les Miserables has taken over first place in my list of favorite musicals, booting The Sound of Music and my infatuation with Christopher Plumber to second. I do still love The Sound of Music, but Christopher Plumber did not really sing Edelweiss, which has always been a huge let down to me. Not only did Hugh Jackman do a fantastic job acting, he did a fantastic job singing. It’s raw emotion thru the entire movie. And fourth – Russell Crowe wasn’t as bad as everyone says that he was, but Anne Hathaway is every bit as good as everyone says she was.

Les Misérables

Yes, that is really Hugh Jackman. I didn’t even recognize him in the beginning of the movie. Photo courtesy of Universal Studios.

Oh, and fifth – seeing Borat and Bellatrix Lestrange in this movie was a little disturbing, although they did fit their roles as the Thenardier’s rather well. I kept nudging Dawn and whispering “Hey, that’s Borat! And that lady was a Death Eater!” Yeah, I need to get out more. I also just thought of something else – in the previews, they announced that Jurassic Park Four is coming out in 2014. I gotta say, I’m a little excited about that.

Bottom line – Go see Les Miserables. Then buy the soundtrack, and listen to it every waking moment. Listen to it while you drive. While you walk the dogs. While you clean your house. While you type your blog. Listen to it on a box. With a fox. In your socks. Listen to it here and there. Listen to it everywhere.

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