To Boldly Go

First off, I just want to give fair warning that this blog entry will be unedited.  I procrastinate writing because it takes me longer to edit than it does to write, so then I just don’t start at all.  So tonight, I decided to just type whatever pops in my head and to heck with making it sound pretty.  That means you git what you git and you won’t throw a fit.

I want to share with you my first Summer of Fun weekend.  Last winter, when we heard about the new Star Trek Movie, an old school chum of mine and I decided we should watch it together.  Caroline lives in Madison, and they have an IMax theatre down there, so it was decided I would come her way.  The most amazing thing about this is that we haven’t really seen each other since graduation.  In fact, if it wasn’t for Facebook, it’s likely we wouldn’t be in contact right now at all.  So if for nothing else, Thank You Facebook for bringing old friends back into my life!  Now, please be a dear and quit selling my information to the King of Spam.

We had a lot of pre-geeking going on – sharing the movie trailers, the Old Spock/New Spock Audi commercial and Caroline’s gem:  Finding the obscure video clip of Spock singing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.  One might think we were on the fast track to disappointment, but one would be wrong,

The movie was really really really really really really good.  Yeah, it had some holes in it.  It certainly wasn’t very…well…logical.  But Star Trek has always actually been about the relationships between Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Bones, and it totally lived up to that.  It was full of the usual Kirk/Spock/Bones banter and Red Shirt deaths, plus a healthy dose of modern special effects and the crew of the USS Enterprise once again pulling off the Kobayashi Maru test in real life.  Well, real Star Trek life, where they have things like warp drive and time travel.

Into Darkness

We boldly went…

I think the thing that amazes me the most about these last two movies (2009 and 2013) is how well the new actors have taken on the persona’s of the original characters, while at the same time, creating their own identities.  It doesn’t feel forced or fake.  However, the action is a lot quicker than the old series – and even more so than the old movies.  I made my son watch The Wrath of Kahn with me the other day, and we both were nodding off a little in the middle.

The rest of the evening we took time to relive our youth, while catching up to the present.  And I got to meet Calamity Jane – the rootin’est, tootin’est (literally tootin’est) Boston Terrier this side of the Mississippi.  I just love her – toots and all!  She would jump on the back of the couch and then promptly on top of my head, and try to lick me in the face.  I giggled like a little kid, which would just encourage her to keep trying.  Then Caroline would rescue me and make Jane sit on her lap, which would last for about 10 minutes and she would be back, her little tail wiggling non-stop.


“Jane, you’re playin’ a game you never can win, girl!”

The following day we visited the Farmers Market down by the capitol, where I found the most awesomest cow cookie.  And cinnamon rolls.  And Amish Pies.  And scones. And chocolate.  And coffee.  And asparagus.  (One of these things is not like the other!  One of these things just doesn’t belong!).  Most of the sugar was ingested before leaving Madison, making for a rather heart-racing drive home.  The cow cookie actually made it home in one piece, although it did not survive the weekend.  I have no regrets.

Cow cookie

Nom nom nom nom nom!

All in all, I want to thank Caroline for the excellent hospitality and friendship, and for a fantastic get together.  It couldn’t have gone any better!

Kirk out.

PS – I did edit a little tiny bit.  Just a little.  But mostly, I sat here with my perfectionist OCD itching with every typed word.  In fact, I just deleted half of this paragraph because I didn’t like it.  I have to go eat my snack and read my trashy novel now though so I’m done!  Really! No going back.  No revisions.  Done.  Done.  Done.  Agh!

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