Run or Dye Green Bay

Summer Of Fun – Final Entry

Hi everyone!  Time for my final entry from the Summer of Fun, showing the last two events of the summer, both happening in September, and both at Lambeau Field, interestingly enough.  Before you give me the beans about September not being summer, remember that Fall doesn’t officially begin until September 21st, and both of these events happened before that.  Well, not quite technically, because The Run or Dye event was right on the 21st.  But it was still 4 days before my friend Vicki, who inspired the Summer of Fun, came home from Russia.  She is doing awesome, by the way, and you can catch up with her progress from her HSCT procedure at her website:  Kickin’ MS.

First up is the Zumba by the Bay Zumbathon, on September 14th.  I signed up to do this with my buddy Dawn, in honor of her birthday!  I won’t reveal her age, but she is younger than me and rockin’ her tutu and tiara on her special day.  Love you, girlfriend!

Zumba by the Bay

Happy Birthday to Dawn! Here she is, rocking her tutu and tiara. Her sister Chris is on the left, I am on the right.

Zumba by the Bay

Everybody who was anybody was at Zumba by the Bay! Midway thru the video below you can see the storm trooper gettin’ jiggy with it.

Zumba by the Bay

Costumes or Crime Scene Investigators? You decide…

This next event was the Run or Dye 5k at Lambeau Field on September 21st.  I did this run with my friend Megan, and man was it cold that morning!  45 degrees – yikes.  During the course of the 5k, you ran thru “dye zones” where they pelted you with a specific color in that zone (blue, green, yellow, and pink), but the real color blast came at the end of the race in the big Dye Zone by the stage.  They blasted music and threw out freebies, and the guys on stage (one of whom looked suspiciously like my nephew, Jake.  It wasn’t him but I kept taking his picture because the resemblance was so eerie) got the audience involved and singing along to the music.  I was leery about joining in the fracas but Megan got me out of my comfort zone and it ended up being a blast.  In the two videos, you can see the two big color throws we were in – and in the pictures you can see the results!  The shower afterwards was a little freaky.  Kind of looked like I was washing a rainbow out of my hair.

Run or Dye Green Bay

Megan and I – BEFORE

Run or Dye Green Bay

So nice and clean and shiny…

Run or Dye Green Bay

So nice and clean and…weird.

Run or Dye Green BayWaiting to run!

Run or Dye Green Bay

I noticed most of my pictures looked like I had my eyes shut, so I tried to remedy that in the next pictures.

Run or Dye Green Bay

So first I tried this….

Run or Dye Green Bay

And then I tried this. Just a little creepy.

Run or Dye Green Bay

In the Dye Zone, after the first color dump.

Run or Dye Green Bay

After the Packer color dump. GO PACK GO!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Run or Dye Green Bay

Amazingly clean!!!

And now summer is over, and fall is upon us!  Time to move on, and like my friend Vicki, let’s move on to better health and a winter of healing and restoration, so we can hit the ground running this spring.  Keep watching my blog for fun winter activities coming up!



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