I Wanna Talk About Me

I know what all of you want for Christmas, and I am about to offer it to you. Free of charge.  Remember how Oprah used to have those big give away shows and people would walk out of the studio with new cars and stuff?  This will be exactly nothing like that. It’s even BETTER.  Better than the Best Cup Of Coffee on Elf.  Better than Smiling.  Better than even SANTA!  (I KNOW HIM!!!)



The last few weekends have marked a milestone in my commitment to this writing thing.    You know, so I can become rich and famous and never have to spend another minute working for The Man.  I took a couple of online classes sponsored by WANA International (learn more about them by clicking here).  The first one was on niche writing with Amy Shojai and the second one was on leveraging Facebook to build your artist platform, with Lisa Hall Wilson.  While many of the courses offered by WANA center on the writing profession, many of them also offer practical advice and information that would be of value to any type of artist (like Lisa’s Facebook course).  I highly recommend them!

One of the exercises Amy talked about in her niche writing course came from the founder of WANA, Kristen Lamb, and it helps you to kind of figure out who you are as an artist.  The exercise is to list 100 words that describe you, and then focus on the ones that resonate with you the most.  Amy said when she did this exercise, she was down to “I’m wearing green eye shadow” by the end, and my experience was similar.  100 words doesn’t seem like a lot until you hit number 20 and realize you’ve exhausted your entire vocabulary.  I started writing things like “cake with lots of frosting” and “sock lover” but I got a second wind towards the end and finished strong with “polly anna” and “naive”.

So as I’m staring at this list, I am seeing 100 blog posts.  100 blog posts about ME.  Where I am the star!  Me!  Me!  Me!

On a side note, did I ever tell you I have always wanted to be on Oprah?  To talk about me?  And how much I love cake with lots of frosting?  And socks?  And how cool I am?  My brother Joe and I used to have competitions over who was cooler.  We would both write “Joe is Cool” or “Sue is Cool” on any available writing surface in the house.  One time I wrote it on a piece of loose leaf and used my brand new dresser as the hard surface beneath the paper.  When I was done, I lifted the paper and saw “Sue is Cool” imprinted on the wood beneath.  Oh. My. God.  I was so dead.  My mother was going to KILL ME.  Don’t-You-Know-This-Is-A-Brand-New-Dresser-What-Were-You-Thinking type of kill me


Lucky for you people, my mother did not, in fact, kill me.  I guess it was illegal, even way back then.  In fact, I don’t even remember her reaction that much – only the mass, gut clenching, skin crawling anxiety when I first saw “Sue is Cool” etched in that wood.  (This would be a great segue into another word on my list – “dumb-ass” but we will save that for another day).  What I learned from this was a) that my dresser was pine, and pine is a very soft wood, and b) later as an adult, when you see your own child’s name written on something other than paper (say, perhaps, a brand new wooden windowsill in a brand new house with ball point pen – not naming any names but his initials just might be Matthew David DeGroot), you know they have inherited your ego.

So anyway, I thought it would be a fun way for all of you to get to know me – I’ll just randomly pick a word off my list once a month or so, and do a post about it.  Isn’t that cool?  Isn’t that way cooler than getting a new car or being on Oprah?  I thought the same thing!!  So cool!  Sue is cool!  Sue is cooler than Joe!  And that, my friends,  is my gift to you!  100 Really Cool Blog Posts About Me!  With lots of exclamation points!  And I get to talk about me!  Me!  Me!  Me!

Now for the “about YOU” portion of this post.  Take a few minutes and come up with  just FIVE words that best describe YOU, and post them in my comments either here or on my Facebook page (be sure to “Follow” or “Friend” me on Facebook if you don’t already).  I will then put all responders names into a hat on December 11th, and pick a winner for a $10 gift card!  It’s not a new car, but it’s better than being a cotton headed ninny muggins!


PS – Do not doubt my ability to do an entire post on cake with frosting or comfy socks.

PPS – Just noticed one of my words I put down is “humble”.  Hahahhahahahaaaaaa…

PPSS – I promise that next week I will have a post that actually contributes to society.  Well, maybe that is stretching it.  But it won’t be about me.  Maybe.  Maybe it will be a little about me, but in a humble sort of way.  A humble sort of way that is kind of cool.  Like me.

PPPSS.  Sue is Cool.

15 thoughts on “I Wanna Talk About Me

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Sue!
      Thanks for stopping by – I don’t get “humble” on my list either – I figured after this post I should remove it…lol. Your Optimistic, Compassionate, Funny, Adventurous, Extroverted name is also officially in the hat!

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