Dance Of The Cheddarwurst Fairies

These are Cheddarwurst Fairies.  In case you were wondering.

These are Cheddarwurst Fairies. In case you were wondering.

Twas the week before Christmas, when all thru Titletown, the Cheeseheads were praying the Pack would bring back the crown.

The gym socks were hung from the chimney with care, In the hopes that St. Vince soon would be there.

The fans were reclining all snug in their chairs, With visions of Rodgers, his collar-bone repaired.

And dad in his jersey and I in my top, Went out to buy gifts at the Packers Pro Shop.


We got in the truck, with pop cans asunder – “Will the pack have enough to beat the Steelers I wonder?”

Away down Lombardi I drove like a flash – Tore into the lot and pulled out my cash.

“Some pom-poms for Jessie, a Fat Head for Drew, a cooler for grandpa to keep cold his brew,”

I got to the counter and purchased my stuff –  got back outside and fell on my duff.


When suddenly before me, I saw this old fellow – his face was so stern, his belly was not jello,

He gave me his hand, I saw his eyes glint – I knew in a moment he must be St. Vince

“Now Crosby, now Jolly, now Nelson and Sheilds – on Aaron, on Matthews, now get on the field!

Thru the hole in their line, to the top of the wall – now Leap away, Leap away, Leap away all!”


The old man then smiled and gave me a grin – and pointed to heaven with the point of his chin.

“Your prayers have been answered – it’s easy to see – just close your eyes tight and hang on to me”

I reached out and grabbed the tails of his duster – and held on with all of the strength I could muster,

And next thing I knew beneath Lambeau I landed – where Green and Gold players were currently banded.


They milled in the tunnel, chomping and stamping – the light in their eyes like fires found camping.

Their muscles were tight and their breath came in clouds – while the fans up above were rambunctious and loud.

I stared round in wonder, my jaw to the floor – when I heard Vince’s voice say “Just win two games more,

And take down the Steelers, and then the Bears after – then onward to post season to bring down the rafters.”


He glared at the men thru his famous black glasses – and their voices they raised thru Movember mustaches,

“We will take them down, we’ll get back on track – the Lombardi Trophy, we’re bringing it back!”

Across championship concrete Vince led the men out – the fans all fell silent, no voice gave a shout.

Vince turned to the crowd and raised up his hands – the cheers then crescendoed and roared thru the stands!


With that I awoke and shook sleep from my head – I looked at the clock and sat up in bed

It all was a dream I realized with sadness – disappointment and sorrow replaced all my gladness,

Till I heard a gruff whisper, “Don’t you worry nor don’t doubt – the Pack will be back, there’s no need to pout.

Just hold onto faith, you gotta believe!  And shout ‘Go Pack Go!’ while you bleed gold and green!”


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