Modge Podge Night

Welcome to Modge Podge Night. Which translated means I have a whole bunch of pictures to share with you and a few odds and ends of observation, mostly because I can’t get my head out of my butt this week to write what I really want to.

My weeks just keep getting away from me. I always feel like I have time, but it turns out I never do. I’m beginning to question my commitment to writing. Other writers learn to be disciplined and write come hell or high water, and I’m off in the corner taking sunset pictures and playing with my dogs. Or riding my bike. Or reading a book. Or talking someone off a ledge. Or having someone talk me off a ledge.

Maybe I just have too much to do. Too much I want to do. Too overwhelmed with the rest of the things I supposedly HAVE to do. And frankly, I have no idea how to navigate the waters of becoming a published writer, and the energy needed to learn will take me away from my sunsets and reading and biking.

But I feel like a big, fat loser about it sometimes. Like I’m letting my opportunity slip away, and that every blog post should be filled with paragraphs of poetic prose, dripping from the page like the nectar of the gods, to be lapped up and adored by my minions. I mean, fans.

And actually, I have a little bit of an idea on how to get published. It’s called writing. So I keep doggedly at it, sometimes coming up with a gem and sometimes a dud, but just like running a slow 5k – I’m faster than the guy on the couch.

See? Look – I just talked myself off my own ledge.

On that note – here are my last couple of weeks, in pictures.

Lookin' good, Home Girls!  2014 Night of Triumph

Lookin’ good, Home Girls! 2014 Night of Triumph

Instead of running the Bellin this year, I participated in My Team Triumph’s Night of Triumph the night before, with my friends Dawn, Debbie and Doreen.  This is a mile long run/walk/bike event for differently abled persons.  My friend Joe participated, and his aunt Doo-Doo (Doreen) walked him across the finish line.

What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like

We had a surprise visitor on Father’s Day.  Richard the Digger guy, who came to destroy the dirt pile out back.  Probably an odd day to pick, but we weren’t about to turn him away.  As it was, he only got it “mostly” graded before the weather took over.  We are anxiously waiting for him to return and finish the job.  Keeping our fingers crossed it won’t be the Labor Day.

Finally getting the yard graded.  Good bye giant pile of dirt!

Finally getting the yard graded. Good bye giant pile of dirt!



I think the day before that, we did the Ride for Nature in Door County.  Meg was going to do 25 and Kay and I were going to do 50.  Somehow, we sweet talked Meg, and we all did 42.  Beautiful, well-spent day.

Meg, Kay and yours truly.  Ride for Nature, 2014

Meg, Kay and yours truly. Ride for Nature, 2014

In our daily walks with our freaky four-legged hairy toddlers, we usually have at least one walk on the trail that goes around the neighborhood.  Last Sunday, we ran across this mama snapper trying to lay her eggs in peace.  I remember being surrounded by interns, nurses and doctors during my first birthing experience.  Why should a turtle have it any different?  So I rudely snapped a picture or two while she grumbled about never letting me touch her again.

Back away from the camera, woman!

Back away from the camera, woman!

What part of "Back Away From The Turtle" don't you understand?

What part of “Back Away From The Turtle” don’t you understand?

My last bike ride had me frequently jumping off my seat to snap wild flower pictures.  They turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself.


This next picture is from Red River County Park.  I liked how the section of tree is falling into the river.



8262 miles to New Zealand.  I'm going to need another bottle of gatorade.

8262 miles to New Zealand. I’m going to need another bottle of gatorade.

After I got home, my husband snagged me into helping him with mowing and weed whacking down by the pond.  I was a virgin weed whacker up to this point, and it took me a while to get the hang of it.  Now I’m an expert weed whacking hoe (pun intended).

Weed whacking in spandex.  Kinky or just weird?  You decide.

Weed whacking in spandex. Kinky or just weird? You decide.

After the whack job.

After the whack job.

Besides the ten billion gnats, mosquitoes, and bay flies, we also have fire flies!  That pretty much makes up for my bug bite covered limbs.  We also have ten billion baby toads running around (this is only a slight exaggeration).  They are fast little buggers and it was hard to get a picture of one, but I managed it.  He’s in the pic below the fire fly – see if you can find him!


Find the toad!

Find the toad!

And to end – a few more sunset pictures.  Because, well, sunsets.  You know?


And finally, a picture of Duke, because, like sunsets, the world just can’t get enough.  Well, maybe the world can, but apparently I can’t.

Dookie Guuuuurrrrl!

Dookie Guuuuurrrrl!

See ya –


13 thoughts on “Modge Podge Night

  1. Rose

    I’m glad you always find a little time to write because I always enjoy your posts so much! And your pictures are great! Wildflower ones could be framed! …they’re gorgeous! Thanks Sue!

    1. Sue Post author

      Thank you, Rose! I like how the flower pictures turned out too! It always amazes me how many cool things I see when I just slow down long enough to find them.

  2. Sue Slaght

    Sue if one was to look at word count you write 10 posts to my one. You are writing… A lot. Have I passed some some mentoring that was given me from James and Terri at Gallivance? They have a fabulous blog and a scad of followers a but they say this. If it isn’t fun don’t do it. Seems simple but I always have that in the back of mind. It’s really helped me frame the while writing thing.
    Anyway…. For the life of me I can’t see the toad in the second photo. Great shots of the flowers and you definitely need a different weed wacking outfit my friend. 🙂

    1. Sue Post author

      Hi Sue- thank you for your encouraging words! Writing is fun for me but sometimes when life gets stressful (which is often) I have a hard time getting it together. I have ideas, but run out of time to flesh them out. Usually it’s when I’m trying to write something meaningful. I don’t have that issue with humor too often. Maybe because life always gives me such good examples. Like weed whacking I spandex.

      1. Sue Slaght

        Yes I can see that Sue. Perhaps that’s why most of my writing is sprinkled with humor. Just easier that way. I guess most of all just be easy on yourself. Hugs to you

      2. Sue Post author

        Forgot to tell you where the toad is. Upper left side, to the right of the green weed. He’s a little fuzzy because he was probably moving.

  3. Maribeth

    You need leg coverage for weed whacking, that’s why God may blue jeans! Protection. Loved the blog, and the photos are great, especially the flowers. I agree, they could be framed.

    1. Sue Post author

      Haha! Dave kept yelling at me to not weed whack by him (he was mowing) because I kept hitting him in the head with debris. I’ll tell him next time to quit whining and put his jeans on his head.

    1. Sue Post author

      It’s there- upper left side, to the right of the green weed. He’s a little fuzzy because he was probably moving.

  4. lisa schlafer

    Sue, reading your blog is my new Friday morning ritual, soooo, you can’t stop ever! I love the photos. Your comments on just regular life are very addicting and very entertaining. We need to get together one of these days in person and catch up!


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