5 Day Black and White Challenge – Day 1

I have been invited by my friend Helen at HHC Blog to participate in the “5 Day Black and White Challenge”.  The rules are: (1) Eat large quantities of cake and (2) eat more cake.

Okay so maybe that is my own interpretation of the rules.  The actual rules are:  (1) Publish a black and white photo every day for 5 days and (2) Invite someone else to participate each day.  But you can totally see how I got “eat a bunch of cake” out of that.

First, I want to invite you to check out Helen’s blog (HHC Blog – click it, you fools!).  She has a wonderful eye and a beautiful heart – a gentle and quiet spirit that shines in her writing and photography.   I love reading her stories about her family, and I think my favorite photo is now her header photo – a black and white lotus blossom.

Next I want to invite my friend Sue Slaght, from over at Travel Tales of Life, to participate in the Challenge.  Sue and I found each other about a year ago, and quickly became friends – she obviously has a high tolerance for weirdos.  Sue’s blog is primarily about travel (usually overseas bike tours – how cool is that?) but is laced with humor, love, and mouth watering photography.  Seriously, check out her blog, but be prepared to put on your traveling pants, cuz you’re gonna wanna go.

Without further ado, here is my first photo:


Of course it’s cake!  What else were you expecting?  🙂

More fun tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “5 Day Black and White Challenge – Day 1

  1. Helen C

    Ha ha… I love your rules much better! Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. Chocolate, right? Mmm… Right size, too. Guess what I am of to dream of tonight…
    Thanks for participating!

  2. Sue Slaght

    Sue that is quite the yummy photo even in black and white. Thank you so much for the most generous words. Oh my goodness I believe I might be blushing. I am honored by your nomination but am declining. So sorry and many more apologies in great Canadian flare.
    A few weeks ago I decided to stop doing all challenges. Besides that I don’t have a single black and white photo. 🙂
    Again thank you so very much for the lovely shout out my friend.

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