5 Day Black and White Challenge – Day 4

So here we are – day 4 already!  One of the coolest things about this challenge is that I am finding out how much fun it is to convert to black and white.  A boring color picture becomes mysterious and intriguing in black and white.

Example – the picture below.  This was taken last fall at Mackinac Island in Michigan.   In color, it looks like a basic tourist photo – nothing too exotic.


But when I converted it to black and white and added a little “dusk” overtone, it suddenly became historical – a moment trapped in time found in Grandma’s scrapbook, and I hear myself asking “Who are these people, Grandma?” and she looks at it and says, “Hmmm…I think that’s Uncle Robby and his kids.  Turn that photo over – do I have anything written on the back? No?  Well, let me get my glasses….”


It is a bit like going back in time on Mackinac anyway, because there are no motorized vehicles allowed and most homes are similar to the one in the photo.

I would like to invite Gemma from Dear Bliary to have a go if she wants (no pressure!).  Gemma loves flying thru the woods with her grandson, Buzz Lightyear, while snapping fun photos and bringing joy to the rest of us with her stories and her neighborhood finds.  And sometimes, when we have been really good, she posts photos of her latest artwork.  So be good!  Visit her blog!

Day 5 tomorrow!



15 thoughts on “5 Day Black and White Challenge – Day 4

    1. Sue Post author

      Oh my gosh, yes! Funny but rabbit ears are coming back in fashion for people who are sick of paying for cable. Although I am sure they don’t have black and white tvs!

  1. firstandfabulous

    No can do, Sue. Sorry. I already thanked two other fabulous bloggers for the honor and I do the same to fabulous you. (Thank you, that is). I’m just not able to right now, but I appreciate the kind words.

    1. Sue Post author

      Absolutely aok! I figured you had enough on your plate (besides breakfast veggie faces) but also wanted to give you a shout out. 🙂

      1. Sue Post author

        Or maybe you are doing something right? This time last year I would not have participated because of where I was in my life and what I had going on. Heck, may not have done it last fall either. But not because I was doing anything wrong but because I just had too much shit (there’s that word again) going on in my life or in my head at the time. So cut yourself a piece of slack (and cake), give yourself a hug, and “let it go” (sing it with me!). 🙂

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