Biker Babe – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

I love my bike.  And biking.  Participating in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bikes and Motorcycles literally has me drooling in anticipation.

I had to go thru all my old photos because my bike is in hibernation – 10 degrees just isn’t going to cut it – and looking at all that sunshine and blue sky has me aching for spring and the satisfying sound of clipping into my pedals before a long summer ride.

Oh to have tan lines and a bottle of gatorade waiting in the fridge!

I guess I will just have to be satisfied with these photos for a few more weeks!

Ponies resting in the sun.  Mackinac Island, Sept. 2014

Ponies resting in the sun. Mackinac Island, Sept. 2014

My baby on a chilly fall day.

My baby on a chilly fall day.

Cruising the countryside with my homies.

Cruising the countryside with my homies.  Somehow I didn’t fall off my bike when I took this…

I see a theme here....

I see a theme here….

Well, I’m off to walk Daisy – it’s too cold for Lucky dog, poor guy.  I guess he’ll just have to sit home and suffer while he lays in his sun spot… 🙂

Bikingly yours,

12 thoughts on “Biker Babe – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

    1. Sue Post author


      We have sun and 23 degrees. It’s like a heat wave. Dave and I took the dogs on a three mile hike.

  1. treerabold

    Mackinaw Island Love It!!
    The picture of your bike “My baby on a chilly fall day” is awesome!
    I love the way you set it up and the black and white with a hint of color (a editing move I haven’t learned yet).

    I’m hoping to get my first Spring ride in this week….wish me luck! I hope y’all thaw out soon!

    1. Sue Post author

      I did that edit on pic monkey- a free web photo editing site. I used the black and white effect and then you can use a little paint brush to reverse the effect where you want. Good luck on your first ride! We hit 50 today and I just remembered I haven’t had my tune up done on my bike yet. On my list now though!

      1. treerabold

        Your list is long!! Do you actually write your list down?
        My list bounces around in my head. I pick them out randomly…..and even though I’ve been planning in my head I’m never totally sure when I will spontaneously complete them!!
        For example….this little spew of info really belongs on your other post….Squirrel!!
        Thanks for the pic monkey advice

      2. Sue Post author

        I have to write them down. Often over and over again if they start to get jumbled in my brain again from over thinking. Sometimes I wear out and lose interest, like with Scrapbooking. When I walk the dogs, I have a million things going thru my brain – I think I’ve written a few novels (long since forgotten) that way. If I get a really snazzy idea now, I whip out my phone and make a note.

      3. treerabold

        I should write stuff down.
        I try to write stuff down right away for work….my life is kept on my phone calendar. My clients…who mostly have intellectual disabilities know they need to remind me frequently!!
        I know I’ve lost lots of creative ideas somewhere in the black hole called my brain!!

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