Changes All Around For A Guy Named Jeff

This is Part Three of a story first started by Allan over at Ohm Sweet Ohm for a Friday Fictioneer Challenge, and then continued by Gemma over at Dear Bliary.  Before reading mine, you need to first read Allan’s (click here) and then read Gemma’s (click here).  Stop whining and go do it – these are only 100 word stories.  It will take you two seconds.

Okay – did you read them?  Are you suuurrrrrre you read them?  Cuz mine won’t make sense unless you do.  Okaaaay…here we go.

Changes All Around For A Guy Named Jeff.

Julie rolled over to where Jeff had slept and buried herself in his covers. His scent teased up memories of last night. She burrowed deeper, sighing softly.

He planned to leave her. She saw it in his eyes. Read it in his body language. Only she needed more time, so she told him about the baby. She hadn’t wanted to. She so hoped he would be different.

She was done being left behind. Alone. Forgotten.

They always went back.

He would never forget her. She would be the last thing he saw. She would make sure of it.

Okay, there ya go.  Thoughts?  Critiques?  Bets on the outcome?

Interestingly yours,



13 thoughts on “Changes All Around For A Guy Named Jeff

  1. Allan G. Smorra

    Reblogged this on Ohm Sweet Ohm and commented:
    Well we have a third writer joining this saga of a guy named Jeff. That would be Sue, over at the Brick House blog. Check out what she came up with from the point-of-view of the third character in the story.

    Have we reached a conclusion, or should we continue this round robin tale? Ω

    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks Sue. It was fun – but I kept going back and forth between blackmail, suicide, and murder. It ended up a little cliche.

      1. firstandfabulous

        Sue, This is fantastic. And Jeff is in for a rude awakening! Not cliche at all. Unless real life is cliche. Happens all the time, but always a different twist or spin.
        Jeff, you are a marked man, my man!

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