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3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge

Last week, my friend Helen invited me to participate in the “3 Quotes, 3 Days” challenge, which is to post a quote each day for 3 days and nominate 3 new bloggers to participate.  I’m going to cheat a little (Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater…) and I’m not going to nominate anyone in particular and just say that whoever wants to join in is more than welcome.

I’m also going to cheat by doing all three of my quotes in one post (…had a wife and couldn’t keep her…wait….what?  I think I just messed up a nursery rhyme…) as a time saver.  While this could be seen as purely selfish on my part, I’m actually doing you a favor as you now only have to suffer thru one post and not three.  See?  I’m always thinking of your welfare.

“Live long and prosper.” – Spock, Star Trek

When I was 13, I thought Captain Kirk was the coolest character on Star Trek, not to mention hot.  He was my first movie star crush and my favorite episodes were always the ones where Kirk fell in love… *swoon*

Now as an oh-so-much wiser adult no longer under the mesmerizing affects of puberty, I have done the smart thing and fallen in love with the Wolverine instead.  You thought I was going to say Spock, didn’t you?  Not so much.  But I do love him – you know – as a friend.  And, he has been, and always shall be, the coolest character on Star Trek.

*Note to my friend Doreen.  I am fully aware that quoting Star Trek and having a teen crush on Captain Kirk and not dumb old Shaun Cassidy totally makes me a nerd.

*Note to my brother, Joe.  Thank you for saving me from the horrors of the Mickey Mouse Club and forcing me to watch Star Trek even at the risk of getting into trouble with mom because you would rather watch nothing at all than allow me to watch weird children dancing around in mouse ears, and after a fierce fight over the channel dial, you pushed me into the carpet and pulled the plug and I went crying to mom.  I owe you one.

“That is one big pile of shit…” – Ian Malcom, Jurassic Park

My family has an abnormal addiction to certain movies, and we randomly quote them in day to day living.  Perhaps you are wondering why even use a movie quote as one of my picks and not something profound from Ghandi or Sue the Great?  It’s because stupid movie quotes are like an inside joke – a connectivity as a family – sharing the same sense of humor and same taste in movie genre enabling us to watch them 100 billion trillion gazillion times in a row.


It was really hard for me to pick just one quote from our entire repertoire of memorized movies.  I chose this one because you know how much I love the “S” word, and it covers just about anything life throws at you.  Bad hair, bad job assignment, bad dinner.  Plus Ian Malcolm is the cat’s pajamas.

Note to anyone still reading: Myself, my son, and my daughter were standing in line waiting to see Jurassic World, when we heard someone make the sound of Austin Power’s phone ringtone.  We had found our people.

“Hurry up and get the work done so we can screw around.” – Dave

I was going to put a serious quote in here – change the tone and be all profound and philosophical and high brow tootin’ fa-lootin’.  But I’m really tired because my friend Kay and I kicked asphalt today riding 65 miles in the Titletown Bike Tour and I didn’t take a nap after so now my eyelids feel like they weigh 500 pounds each.

Instead you now get my hubby’s daily mantra.  We live by this code in our house – there’s much tom foolery to be done, but we don’t want to do it with dirty laundry and a full sink of dishes.  I don’t have a video for this one.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

Until next time my friends –

Live long and prosper,


One Flying Out Of The Cuckoos Nest

My Christmas gift from my son.  He shares my nerd genes.  Can't wait for this movie!

My Christmas gift from my son. He shares my nerd genes. Can’t wait for this movie!

Our son is moving out.

My first reaction was “Woo Hoo!!”.  My next reaction was “Boo Hoo!”.  (Did you see what I did there?  This is why I am a WRITER, people.)

One would think I would be more happy than sad about this seeing as I have been not-so-subtly dropping hints about it for the past two years.  In fact, as I type this, he is taking a shower while subjecting us to very loud, excruciatingly bad ear pollution (formerly known as “music”) that Lord knows I won’t miss.  But I find myself a little sad too.  It’s kind of the last childhood moment here. My baby is taking flight.

On a side note, I realize I sound just like my mother, who used to tell me how awful my music was.  “THAT’S NOT MUSIC!” she would yell over the Stereophonic screams of the latest and greatest hair band. And then she would make me turn it down.  She was so mean!  It’s a wonder I’m not robbing banks.

And for the record, my music was AWESOME.

I just remembered I also owned a Kenny Rogers album and I sang “Daytime Friends and Nighttime Lovers” with the wrong lyrics because I thought the chorus of  “And shake hands in the light of day…” was actually “And she cans in the light of day…” – as in “canning food” like pickles or tomato juice, which is something my mom used to do so it actually kinda made sense to me.   Shut up.

Okay, fine…maybe not ALL of my music was awesome.  Especially if I was singing it.  But still – 70’s and 80’s compared to now?  Hands down we had better music.




With Matt’s announcement, Dave and I saw a golden opportunity and offered it with fingers crossed. Might he be willing to take the sofa with him?

No, it’s not some gross old horse hair davenport. It’s a mostly perfect 3

-year-old dark brown leather reclining sofa that’s way too nice to live in a beer-swilling, boy-farting environment except for one tragic flaw.

It’s un-nappable.

Somehow, we bought a sofa that cannot be slept on with any degree of comfort.  It’s too short, it has a hump in the middle, and the seats aren’t deep enough for a “whole lotta woman” like me.  And that’s before you add the dogs in the mix.

"You can take the couch but you can't have my blankie!"

“You can take the couch but you can’t have my blankie!”

Of course he said “yes” the Anti-Napper, even though he was one of the biggest complainers about it.  It was free, and at his age, you don’t argue with free.  Unless it’s free furniture on the curb, in which case you don’t ever pick that up unless you also want some free cockroaches.

Fortunately, I am a shopping whiz and found an excellent replacement that is large enough to fit me AND the dogs AND the cats. Aaaannd…maybe a small pony. It also passed my covert, in-store, Sprawled-Out-Butt-Wiggle Test, which I was too embarrassed to perform on the other sofa before we purchased it, and that folks, is how you end up with an Anti-Napper.  Let my experience be your horrible warning.

With this move, we will have a spare bedroom again.  Our recently-moved-home daughter wants his old room (it has a back yard view of cavorting wildlife which is appealing I am sure, although ironically she never opens her shades EVER.) so we are going to move her in there, and then we have to move all the downstairs furniture in her room because we are finishing up the family room in the walkout.

Which led to the idea of making her room my office, and putting a reading nook in the family room where my desk currently resides

My reading nook where next winter I will cuddle on my chaise lounge with fuzzy blankets and mugs of hot coffee and a bookshelf full of books and read trashy novels while watching the birds fight over sunflower seeds.

Or maybe I will just nap.

Oh, and seeing as my office is going upstairs, then I needed a keyboard for my iPad so I can work from the family room in my reading nook (you know – when I’m not napping). And the only logical solution to that was to buy a used Apple USB keyboard from a guy at work and use my wireless keyboard from my iMac on my iPad instead.

Which led to this blog post because I was playing with the two keyboards and needed something to write about.

A little boring, I know. But that’s how life is sometimes. It was better than a sharp stick in the eye, right?


PS.  Did I mention my son was moving out?  Woo hoo!


LG Appliances and the Ocarina of Time: How Doing Laundry Brings Me to Nerdvana

zeldaI promise this will be my last post about the move. I was going to devote this entire blog post to how my LG Washer and Dryer remind me of my all time favorite video game (it really was the best) and believe me, it’s not because I don’t have enough material. It’s just that I realize it will be butt ass boring for the majority of you, so you will only have to endure a paragraph of it.

Side note: I am writing this in peace while my dogs are entertained by Costco bully sticks. If you don’t know what a bully stick is, google it, because I’m not getting into that after all the hoopla over last weeks blog and certain body parts. If you do know what they are, and you have a dog that likes them, Costco has them for $25 for a bag of 12 really long ones. Yeah, gross. But my dogs love them and I can type in relative silence. Plus, I made Dave saw them all into thirds, so for me it was really like getting 36 of them for $25.  Yay, me!

My singing appliances.

My singing appliances.

So, you remember the cake eating saga of preparing to move, and how purchasing new appliances gave me heartburn and I only got Tums instead of cake. Turns out I love my new machines, so I guess it was worth all the angst – the washer is a little noisy when it spins if you have a big load in it, but it’s so nice to actually end up with clean clothes. I barely need to use any detergent and they come out smelling delicious. Almost better than cake. The bonus is that LG appliances make adorable video game beeps when you start them, and they sing to you when they are finished. The video game phenomena was brought to my attention by my son, who casually mentioned how it reminded him of Zelda. Or more precisely, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, also known as the BEST VIDEO GAME EVER CREATED. If you have a differing opinion, I will say this once and once only. Your opinion is invalid.

Side Note #2.  Matt never played Zelda. Ever. He watched Lindsay and I play it. It was weird, because he didn’t have the same eye/hand coördination needed for a first or third person player (that’s technical video game lingo for you non-nerds. It means a game where you are the main character, either thru that persons eyes (first person) or from behind the character (third person)), which was weird because he could drive a car at 18 months. The first video game he ever tried was Richard Scary’s Busy Town, and he would only play if he could drive the pick up truck, which he would promptly run into the river because he couldn’t figure out how to make it turn. Then the policeman-dog came and Matt would laugh hysterically. Took me a while to figure out he was doing it on purpose. 

This is exactly what he would do every single time.  Drive that truck into the river.

This is exactly what he would do every single time. Drive that truck into the river.

Zelda for N64 changed how we looked at video games and what we expected of them. You didn’t just run in a straight line, or vertically jump, or shoot arrows forward or backward. You ran in circles and across fields and climbed vines and floated thru the air with chickens and shot arrows in any direction you wanted and swam underwater.

And you got a pony. A PONY. How can you not like a game that gives you a fricken pony??



It was full of tough puzzles to solve, and easter eggs to find and if you weren’t careful, you got strangled by redeads or grabbed by the scary black ceiling wall master hands. I HATED those things. It was like giant black spiders dropping on you, and if you whacked them with your sword, they turned into three smaller super fast ones. The worst part was you didn’t know they were in the room until you were in the middle of it and the scary ceiling wall master hand music started playing. The redeads weren’t much better. Basically brown mummy zombies that moved really slow but at a certain distance they mesmerized you and then jumped on your back and strangled you from behind. Once they were on your back, you were done.



But mostly, you got to ride Epona and visit faeries and shoot Skultullas and solve puzzles and travel the vast world of Hyrule meeting new people on your quest to rescue Zelda.



Okay, more than a paragraph- sorry. And a few videos.  And I was going to move on, but now my friend Megan posted this awesome video on Facebook, and Lord help me but I just can’t stop – this post is doomed.



And then, my friend Collie got Leonard Nimoy to retweet her. Holy crap. This has been a booming nerd week.


Can I get a retweet?

Can I get a retweet?


And then, there was this – posted by my friend Catrina.



I would totally wear this shirt. That’s a hint to all my friends. My birthday is only 10 months away. You could start planning anytime now, you know.  You can find them here: http://shirt.woot.com/offers/reading-rambo.

And then there was this:




And this from Doreen:




And then my son sent me this:



Which doesn’t come out until next year, but Matt and I are already stoked about it.  I could truly write another nerd blog just focusing on Jurassic Park. Complete scientific baloney, which is exactly why I love it. Don’t make my mind stay in a box with your scientific facts!



And then I saw this video today about escaping Honey Badgers,



which prompted me to send it to my son with the caption “Don’t turn off the honey badger fence,” and his response of, “They should all be destroyed,” which then prompted the creation of this:

Photo property of Brick House - created by Matt DeGroot.  Yeah, baby.

Photo property of Brick House – created by Matt DeGroot. Yeah, baby.


And then this movie comes out in a mere 21 days. Oh yeah. Already saving up for popcorn.



And that is about all the nerd I have for one night.  And reading my blog doesn’t count if you don’t watch the videos.  Especially the Jedi Cat one.  Until next time:

Your bestest nerd buddy,