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Beans, Beans, The Musical Fruit

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see?

“What’s this bean thing on the floor?”

I didn’t pay much attention when Dave said this the first time. My husband is the king of asking the unanswerable question and I have learned to tune them out over the last 30 years. Which in turn has taught him to ask them again until I finally say in exasperation “How would I know that?”

I will admit this particular question might have been fairly easy to answer if I had gotten up off my lazy butt to go look at it but I was reading and why does he always have these pressing issues when I am trying to read or watch TV? I left my butt firmly planted on the couch and mumbled “No clue, honey,” and turned the page.

He threw whatever the bean thing was into the garbage and continued with his morning puttering – tidying up our already tidy house, wiping off counters, lamenting over the dogs dirty nose prints on the window he just cleaned.

“When are you walking the dogs?” he asked, suddenly standing over my shoulder.

Dude. I’m reading. Can you not see I am reading? “I don’t know – why?”

“Because I want to get the floors mopped and it’s easier to do it if they aren’t walking all over it at the same time.”

“Yah, yah, I know,” I said. “I’ll take them as soon as I finish this chapter. I have about 2 more pages.”

Dave began walking across the living room on his way to the basement to do some sort of manly man thing while he waited, when he stopped and bent over to pick something up from the carpet.

“Hey,” he said. “It’s another of those bean things. What the heck are these things? And why are they all over the house?” He walked towards me with his hand outstretched, until it was under my nose.

I put my book down and peered into his hand. Uh oh. Finally this man had my attention. And I finally had a question of his that I could answer, only I didn’t want to give it because I wasn’t too happy with it.

“Oh yuck. I think that’s a _____”, I said.

“No way. Really? How can that be a _____?”

I got up off the couch and Dave and I walked into the kitchen, so we could look at it in the sunlight. Sure enough. That wasn’t a bean.

“Yup, that is definitely a ____. That’s how they look after a few days on a _____.” I said, grimacing.  Dave looked horrified and he dropped the “bean” on the table.

“Why do they get like that? Is that because they are full of ___?”


“That’s totally disgusting.  You know what this means, right?”  I knew what he was thinking.  He was thinking these things could be in other places in our house.  Like our bed.  The chairs.  The couch.  The blankets.  Anywhere the dogs could go. We both looked at the bean now crawling across the table and shuddered.

We had to burn down the house.


I decided to put a fun twist on my entry this week for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge, and write a story to go with my photo.  Then I decided to make it “more funner” by having you try to guess what our mysterious “beans” were.  If you care to take a guess, put your answer in the comments below.  I have nothing to give away, but will gladly ship you some of our ‘beans’ if you would like them.

The photo (a clue) is one of our lamps in the living room, taken when the sun is shining thru the shade in the morning.  It gives me a nasty jolt every time I see it, until I remember it’s just a shadow of the lampshade parts.

Until next time,

Creepy Crawly Sue

PS – for more entries in Cee’s challenge, click here and check out the other entries in the comments section of Cee’s blog.  Way more fun than “beans”!!!

5 Day Black and White Challenge – Day 5

It’s the last day of my 5 Day Black and White Challenge!  Today’s photo was taken last summer while walking thru a local frisbee golf course, way out in the boondocks.

Indian Peace Pipe - also known as Ghost Fungus

Indian Peace Pipe – also known as Ghost Fungus

Today I am not going to ask any one individual to participate.  Instead, I am going to borrow Tree’s idea (from Conversations Around the Tree) and put out an open invitation for anyone who is reading this.  If you would like to give it a go, the rules are simple:  Just post a black and white photo to your blog once a day for 5 days, and invite others to participate!

Okay -I’m off now to watch Parks and Rec on Netflix and eat something unhealthy but extremely tasty.

Have a great week everyone!

5 Day Black and White Challenge – Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of my participation in the 5 Day Black and White Challenge (first post and rules HERE)  Today I bring you the tale of two photos.

I have been having some fun experimenting in black and white, and below you see the same photos with different effects done to them.

Don’t ask me exactly what I did though.  I am one of those “click and see what happens” people because that’s just how clueless I am.  Hopefully, the more I play, the more I will learn!

bwtree fuzzytree

Which do you like better?  How about the next two?

bwcross bwcross2

I would like to nominate Steve Boer at Steve Boer Photography to play if he wants.  No obligation or pressure, Steve – it’s perfectly ok to decline!  The rest of you should go check out his site anyway, because he is a spectacular photographer, with a high tolerance for nerds.

Day 4 tomorrow!



Sue the Oddball – Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

Welcome to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge Week 6!

I took this picture a few summers ago when Dave and I were on our way to Gatlinburg, TN on vacation.  We had just gotten into the Smoky Mountains and stopped for gas (and probably soda, candy bars, Combos and a potty break).  I looked up on the way back to the car and spotted what appeared to be an abandoned ferris wheel just randomly sticking out of the trees.

Unlike those crazy kids in slasher movies, our first thought was not “Oh, let’s go find out what the deal is with that creepy-ass abandoned ferris wheel.  Boy, I hope we don’t get murdered by an ax wielding clown!”

No, our first thought was “Yeah, let’s get the hell out of here and I hope it’s not as creepy in Gatlinburg.”



I am happy to report it was not, but had it’s own level of scary. Like, fried Twinkies, moonshine, and the Hollywood Star Cars Museum scary.  For my Wisconsin peeps – imagine the strip in Wisconsin Dells on steroids.

We did have fun though.  Here are a few more oddballs from the Hollywood Stars Cars Museum.



We picked up a weeiiirdooo!

We picked up a weeiiirdooo!


Oddly yours,


Modge Podge Night

Welcome to Modge Podge Night. Which translated means I have a whole bunch of pictures to share with you and a few odds and ends of observation, mostly because I can’t get my head out of my butt this week to write what I really want to.

My weeks just keep getting away from me. I always feel like I have time, but it turns out I never do. I’m beginning to question my commitment to writing. Other writers learn to be disciplined and write come hell or high water, and I’m off in the corner taking sunset pictures and playing with my dogs. Or riding my bike. Or reading a book. Or talking someone off a ledge. Or having someone talk me off a ledge.

Maybe I just have too much to do. Too much I want to do. Too overwhelmed with the rest of the things I supposedly HAVE to do. And frankly, I have no idea how to navigate the waters of becoming a published writer, and the energy needed to learn will take me away from my sunsets and reading and biking.

But I feel like a big, fat loser about it sometimes. Like I’m letting my opportunity slip away, and that every blog post should be filled with paragraphs of poetic prose, dripping from the page like the nectar of the gods, to be lapped up and adored by my minions. I mean, fans.

And actually, I have a little bit of an idea on how to get published. It’s called writing. So I keep doggedly at it, sometimes coming up with a gem and sometimes a dud, but just like running a slow 5k – I’m faster than the guy on the couch.

See? Look – I just talked myself off my own ledge.

On that note – here are my last couple of weeks, in pictures.

Lookin' good, Home Girls!  2014 Night of Triumph

Lookin’ good, Home Girls! 2014 Night of Triumph

Instead of running the Bellin this year, I participated in My Team Triumph’s Night of Triumph the night before, with my friends Dawn, Debbie and Doreen.  This is a mile long run/walk/bike event for differently abled persons.  My friend Joe participated, and his aunt Doo-Doo (Doreen) walked him across the finish line.

What Love Looks Like

What Love Looks Like

We had a surprise visitor on Father’s Day.  Richard the Digger guy, who came to destroy the dirt pile out back.  Probably an odd day to pick, but we weren’t about to turn him away.  As it was, he only got it “mostly” graded before the weather took over.  We are anxiously waiting for him to return and finish the job.  Keeping our fingers crossed it won’t be the Labor Day.

Finally getting the yard graded.  Good bye giant pile of dirt!

Finally getting the yard graded. Good bye giant pile of dirt!



I think the day before that, we did the Ride for Nature in Door County.  Meg was going to do 25 and Kay and I were going to do 50.  Somehow, we sweet talked Meg, and we all did 42.  Beautiful, well-spent day.

Meg, Kay and yours truly.  Ride for Nature, 2014

Meg, Kay and yours truly. Ride for Nature, 2014

In our daily walks with our freaky four-legged hairy toddlers, we usually have at least one walk on the trail that goes around the neighborhood.  Last Sunday, we ran across this mama snapper trying to lay her eggs in peace.  I remember being surrounded by interns, nurses and doctors during my first birthing experience.  Why should a turtle have it any different?  So I rudely snapped a picture or two while she grumbled about never letting me touch her again.

Back away from the camera, woman!

Back away from the camera, woman!

What part of "Back Away From The Turtle" don't you understand?

What part of “Back Away From The Turtle” don’t you understand?

My last bike ride had me frequently jumping off my seat to snap wild flower pictures.  They turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself.


This next picture is from Red River County Park.  I liked how the section of tree is falling into the river.



8262 miles to New Zealand.  I'm going to need another bottle of gatorade.

8262 miles to New Zealand. I’m going to need another bottle of gatorade.

After I got home, my husband snagged me into helping him with mowing and weed whacking down by the pond.  I was a virgin weed whacker up to this point, and it took me a while to get the hang of it.  Now I’m an expert weed whacking hoe (pun intended).

Weed whacking in spandex.  Kinky or just weird?  You decide.

Weed whacking in spandex. Kinky or just weird? You decide.

After the whack job.

After the whack job.

Besides the ten billion gnats, mosquitoes, and bay flies, we also have fire flies!  That pretty much makes up for my bug bite covered limbs.  We also have ten billion baby toads running around (this is only a slight exaggeration).  They are fast little buggers and it was hard to get a picture of one, but I managed it.  He’s in the pic below the fire fly – see if you can find him!


Find the toad!

Find the toad!

And to end – a few more sunset pictures.  Because, well, sunsets.  You know?


And finally, a picture of Duke, because, like sunsets, the world just can’t get enough.  Well, maybe the world can, but apparently I can’t.

Dookie Guuuuurrrrl!

Dookie Guuuuurrrrl!

See ya –



Back in the beginning of January, my friend Collie told me about a challenge she was going to participate in called “!00 Days Of Happy”, and invited others to join her.  So far, she has faithfully posted pictures or thoughts everyday on Facebook.  It makes me a little happier every day just to see what makes her happy.

I, of course, immediately thought “blog post” and decided I was going to participate, but that I would post my photos on my blog.  At first I was going to post them all at one time, but then I realized that “ain’t nobody got time for that” – so  then I thought – how about if I post them every two weeks or something?  That’s only 14 pictures and even if I write a little blurb under each one, most people ‘got time for that”.

Unfortunately, I started on the 4th, and this post is on the 23rd, so that actually gives us 19 days for this first post, and I didn’t have pictures for every day because I have been sick since December 30th and didn’t always remember to take a picture or even focus on finding the happy in on some of my days.  So, I’m going to fill in with some photos of things that make me happy but may not have occurred on that specific day.  It’s only cheating a little, and I think it still keeps in the spirit of the challenge.

If you would like to take part in the challenge yourself, you can do so here: 100happydays.com.

Here we go then!

January 4th:


The Muppets Take Manhattan and The Muppet Movie were on cable in the same day!  I didn’t notice this in time to see the Muppets Take Manhattan, but was in time for most of The Muppet Movie.  When this first came out in theaters, I saw it with my friend, Jeannie.  We loved it, and being weirdos, decided we were going to go to Hollywood and make it big, playing the banjo.  We got as far as buying banjos and taking lessons but never made it to Hollywood.  No regrets though, and I still love this movie.

January 5th:


I have been watching the Packer games with my dad the last few years, because my mom’s blood pressure goes thru the roof if she watches them (talk about your diehard fan).  I love these Sunday’s with my dad.  The Packers may not always win, but I win every time, and I am pretty sure my dad sees it as a win, too.

January 6th:


I received notification that my blog post “10 Advantages to Living in the Frozen Tundra” was an editor’s pick for Freshly Pressed on WordPress.com.  That meant my little blog was about to get a ton more views, and likely some new followers.  It didn’t go live until a few days later, but it was well worth the wait.  I had my 15 minutes of fame, and got to meet some cool new bloggers too.

January 7th:

JH’s Snow Monster.  My friend’s son used basic copier paper to make a snow monster, modeled after the one in the movie “Frozen”.  His mom couldn’t see it at first, because her son used white paper on white paper, and it didn’t have much contrast lying flat.  But when she held it up to the light – the magic happened.  She posted the picture on Facebook, and it made me smile as soon as I saw it.  It still does!

January 8th:


I got this in the mail.  I know it’s dumb, but that stupid commercial makes me laugh every stinkin’ time.

January 9th:


Bought tickets to see Wicked at the PAC, for my daughter and I.  We’re so excited!

January 10th:


Yearly outing with my homegirls to the PrimeQuarter.  I can’t even print the subjects we discussed.  Honestly.  It surprises me that we don’t get kicked out of restaurants.

January 11th:


I LOVE MY KEURIG!  Nuff said.

January 12th:


These two.  I mean, how cute are they?

January 13th:

This Linda Ronstadt song on the radio, as I drove home from work sick…again.   The second picture is of myself and my siblings, minus my one sister who is taking the picture.  We are singing “Blue Bayou” by Linda Ronstadt, while doing the dishes.  We were sober, in case you were wondering.

January 14th:


This snowy snowy day!  I spent it at home trying to kick the bug out of my system (not successfully I might add), and got to watch the 8 inches of snow fall and blow from the coziness of my livingroom.  I actually love getting snow if it’s in December, January, or February.   I mean, it’s winter, right?  Might as well have snow to play in.

January 15th:


Peaches!  My daughter’s kitty.  Which makes me think of my daughter, which of course gives me a Happy!

January 16th:


My son’s car, parked in the same work parking lot as mine, because he works for the same company.  I get to torture him everyday by saying “hi” to him in public.  Another happy!

January 17th:


My family.  The picture below is of all 13 of my parent’s grandchildren from a long ago Christmas, although it seems just like yesterday to me.  Probably to my dad too, also in the picture.

They are all adults now, some starting their own families.  Watching them all grow up and become such loving, diverse, and interesting individuals has been one of my greatest joys.  And I LOVE being a great-aunt!  Or a “great” aunt.  Or just “great”.

January 18th:


These kids playing on this giant snow pile by the elementary school.  Totally brings back memories of doing this as a kid.  I showed it to my 22 year old son, who interestingly enough said, “That’s not even a big pile.  We used to get more snow when I was a kid”.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Dave and I say the same thing about our childhood, and that him saying that was his first venture into sounding like an old man.  “GET OFF MY LAWN” can’t be far behind.

January 19th:



January 20th:


These ornaments, traded for on the black market, for a used Mini Keurig.  I can’t reveal my sources, or my supply may dry up.  One of these may or may not show up in a future Conard White Elephant exchange.  You won’t know, Hao Nguyen or Joe Conard or Ben Conard, until you open it.  You’ve got to ask yourself a question:  “Do I feel lucky?”  Well, do ya, punk?

January 21st:


This response to my Facebook status by my friend Caroline.

January 22nd


Since getting to know Joey (see Meet Joe, Not Your Average Joe, Thanks For Making Me A Fighter) and being involved with mTT (My Team Triumph) last summer, I decided I wanted to learn sign language so I could ‘speak’ to Joe, who has profound hearing loss.  Besides Joe, many of the Captains in mTT are unable to speak and/or hear so learning it will really come in handy if I continue to be involved.  I signed up for the class with my BFF, Doreen, who is Joey’s aunt.  Last night was our first class, and we learned the alphabet.  The instructor brought us to a website that showed videos of words being spelled out, and we had to try to figure out what they were.  The only word I got right? “Wiener”, for which I took a load of crap from Doreen.

Later in class I told the instructor I knew how to say “Live Long and Prosper” in sign language and of course splayed my fingers out ala-Vulcan.  Doreen just looked at me and said, “Get out,” as she pointed to the door.  So earlier today, we had a little email banter going.

January 23rd

I don’t have a picture for today, but I am very happy.  And content.  Some days you realize how truly blessed you are, and today is one of those days for me.  Tomorrow, I might be swearing like a sailor on the way to work, but for now, all is well.

What made you happy today?

Stay warm, my friends!

Final Photos of 2013

It’s that time again!  Time to see what’s been going on since my last photo entry.  It has been a busy 6 weeks with Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.  And snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  Which means lots and lots of shoveling.  I haven’t broken out the snow shoes yet, but that will be coming this weekend.

Enjoy the photos – next week I will be back with plans for 2014!

First off – The Avett Brothers with Dawn!

My last bike ride of the year.  I think this was the weekend before Thanksgiving, and after our first or second dusting of snow.  It was a beautiful fall day and not too windy.  Perfect for cruising down the Fox River Trail.

Fox River Trail


Then this happened….thankfully only a warning for this lead foot.



With the unseasonal below zero cold, fat cat is starting early with his laying in front of the fire-place.


Look at me! Look at my awesomeness! Do not turn away! Look! LOOK!!!

And the dogs still get walked – even in 2 degree weather!  And yes, it really was 2 degrees this day.

Lucky and Daisy


The tree went up.  We were looking for this guy to warm things up, but the Cold Miser is winning this year.

Heat Miser

Where are my minions???

On the 14th, me and a couple of friends (Dawn and Debbie) went thru the Botanical Gardens Garden Of Lights.  Beautiful as usual.

Me, Dawn, and Debbie.

Me, Dawn, and Debbie.

Garden of Lights

The Big Tree!

Garden of Lights

Garden of Lights

Dawn under her tiara!


Garden of Lights

Warming up by the fire

Garden of Lights

Garden of Lights

Garden of Lights

Garden of Lights

Garden of Lights


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then, contrary to popular belief – proof that I’m on the “Nice” list!!


A Christmas decorating contest at work brought out some holiday creativity.

The Winner!  And yes, this was my row!  Woot!

The Winner! And yes, this was my row! Woot!

Bumbles bounce!!

Bumbles bounce!!

Weirdos in the Christmas Village!

Weirdos in the Christmas Village!



And then we had the first annual Conard Cookie Baking Expedition.

The calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm.

In the midst of 200 cut outs...

In the midst of 200 cut outs…

Niece Rachael, my mom, sisters Terri, Celeste and Maribeth.  Looking at my mom you are all realizing the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Niece Rachael, my mom, sisters Terri, Celeste and Maribeth. Looking at my mom you are all realizing the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Same people, minus Terri but plus me!  We had a great time!

Same people, minus Terri but plus me! We had a great time!

And finally – Christmas Eve mass with my dad, while my mom sang in the choir.

Yes, I know it's crooked.  Couldn't get a straight picture for some reason.  User error I am sure!

Yes, I know it’s crooked. Couldn’t get a straight picture for some reason. User error I am sure!

May you all enjoy the rest of your holiday season!  I will see you all again next week!



Summer of Sue Part Deux Photo Journey


First time riding longer than 20 miles – “Tour De Greenleaf” via the Fox River Trail

East River Trail, Green Bay, WI

Fox River Trail, June 2012

Lake Michigan, via the Mariner Trail in Manitowoc, WI July 2012

40 mile ride with Kay, out to Bayshore Park, Dycksville, WI.  June 2012

Alfalfa field on Sportsmans Road, DePere, WI July 2012

Great view of Sportsmans Road. Pretty much goes continually up until you get to the top of the ledge. I used this route a lot this summer, as it has nice, quiet country roads where I can vary my distances, and eventually I can hook up to the Fox River Trail.

A small lake I rested by on my first solo 50 mile ride. Near Hilbert, WI.  Look at that sky!

Boats coming up to the locks – Voyageur Park, DePere, WI July 2012

Boats in the lock in DePere, WI- the Fox River uses a lock system in the northern sections to allow boats to go down river past dams. Locks are needed as the water levels behind the dam are higher than below it.

Kay – waiting to board the ferry to Washington Island, Door County, WI Aug 2012 (with the bike club)

Included this one from Washington Island because I like how cool it turned out.

Wolf spider – a bike club member was walking around with this guy while we rested for lunch. The pic is kind of fuzzy because I was too chicken to get closer. Washington Island, August 2012

Bayshore Bike Club, Washington Island, August 2012, at Jackson Park

Kay and I – Washington Island, August 2012

First rest stop – Door County Century – September 2012. Yes, it was all about the food!!

Enjoying some much deserved strawberry shortcake at the Sister Bay rest stop – Door County Century Sept 2012

Reading the map for the Lakes and Leaves Ride, Antigo, WI, September 2012. I look like my dad in this picture!

Gangsta Kay – Lakes and Leaves, Antigo, WI Sept 2012

Warming up by the fire, after our 38 mile route in 40 degree weather, with off and on rain. Still had fun though! Lakes and Leaves, Antigo, WI Sept 2012

Old house, Sportsmans Road, DePere, WI. Taken Saturday, Sept. 29th. Gorgeous day!

Fox River Trail, DePere, WI Saturday, September 29th. Did I mention it was gorgeous?

I love fall!!