Cee’s Fun Oddly Industrial Foto Challenge


This week, I am mixing my challenges together for one supreme entry!

Below is something both oddball and industrial, so this is my single entry for two of Cee’s photo challenges – Fun Foto and Odd Ball.  Maybe I should have made it in black and white and then I could have added it to three of them!  You know, I just tried it in black and white and it looks kind of cool….

Anyway, here is my entry – this was taken a couple of summers ago at one of our small local lakes.

Lily Lake, WI


I think I know what it is, but if anyone wants to take a stab at it’s true identity, let me know in the comments!  Be sure to check out the other entries by clicking here and here.

Meanwhile, I will be snuggled under a few blankets, dreaming about this warm summer day.


9 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Oddly Industrial Foto Challenge

    1. Sue Post author

      I think I do, but don’t want to give it away. Plus I could be wrong…lol. When my friend and I found this on our bike ride, we took the picture and sent it to our hubby’s for ID. I think I remember the answer but not quite sure I should rely on this memory of mine!

  1. treerabold

    I have no idea what it is…Though I think Janet may have the most creative suggestion so far!
    What I would like to know is what it looks like as a Black and White!!


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