Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Number One. Oh Yeah, And I’m BAAAAAACK.

I’m back…sort of. I have a very full agenda yet for the month of June – a mini family reunion, a wedding shower, Father’s Day, a funeral, a wedding, and the MRC Bike Ride. But, I miss my blog family and I miss entertaining my tiny masses with weird and funny stories.

I decided the best way to come back is to participate in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and let my photos do the talking. Because, you know, I never have anything to say.

One picture of me holding One bottle of Sam Adams while on my work trip to Boston.

That's MR. Adams to you!

Sam Adams is a LIE!

My last day I was able to take part of the Freedom Trail tour, and learned from the tour guide that Samuel Adams probably never let anyone call him “Sam” (That’s Mr. Adams to you!), wasn’t likely a big beer drinker, and apparently ran his father’s brewery into the ground. I found that a delightful twist of ironic history.

One patient husband, waiting for his wife to come off the delicious drugs ala colonoscopy. I have no idea why I took his picture.

My wife is wasted.

My wife is wasted.

One Grandma Conard white iris.

Good morning, Grandma!

Good morning, Grandma!

Last year, my Cuz-in-Law kindly sent me a package of day lilly and iris bulbs, some of which were descended from irises originally in my grandparents garden (whites and purples). Last spring I planted them down by the pond because we weren’t ready to put anything by the house yet, so we transplanted them this spring next to the house. I didn’t think any of them would even bloom this year so these were a happy surprise.

When my grandmother was a young woman, she became very ill and lost all the pigment in her skin and color in her hair from the trauma. Her pale skin was soft and delicate, very much like the petal of an iris. Despite her complexion, my grandmother was a big, beautiful, strong woman who loved to travel and swim and garden and taught me how to fish with a bamboo fishing pole and she squashed all the spiders in the cottage. Yeah. She was badass. Ironically, if she read that, she would yell at me for swearing.

One very wet bike after one very wet bike ride called the Birky Challenge 67, a ride honoring a fallen police officer whose badge number was 67.

At least it's clean now.

At least it’s clean now.

We were signed up to do the 67 miles, but it was pouring rain that morning so we wussed out and only did 40. That was the longest, wettest, windiest, hilliest 40 miles ever created in the entire history of mankind. In the entire history of the world. The universe, even. At one point, my riding partner asked me “Why didn’t we just do 20?” and I said, “Apparently because we are stupid.”

One pissed off anti-social turtle who just wants to be left alone so she can lay her eggs and read a trashy novel on the beach. This is in no way a reference to me or my current work load because I have a brilliant sun-shiney attitude and love love love the busy season at work.



One memorial tree planting of one dwarf blue spruce, in honor of my sister in law Jen who passes away in March, 2014 (the weekend we moved).

It's the Jen-Tree

It’s the Jen-Tree

We were unable to plant anything last summer, so this was a bit over due. A tough, hardy tree that should adapt well to wherever it’s planted, with soft, kind needles that will offer sanctuary to birds and critters – very much like our Jen.

For more Fun Fotos, all centered on the theme of “One”, head on over to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Freakishly Busy Sue

14 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Number One. Oh Yeah, And I’m BAAAAAACK.

  1. Favorite sister

    I love this picture of Dave! Until death do you part–this is the face you love dearly 🙂

  2. treerabold

    I’m so glad you are back!!
    I like your pictures. It does appear your husband is a bit concerned about your potential behavior! As for “Sam Adams” Apparently he just isn’t the man I thought he was!

    So…as for your bike. Tell me the advantage to having the “arm rests” (not sure what else to call them). I imagine they would give relief to my back….true?

    1. Sue Post author

      They are called aero bars, and they basically allow me to tuck when I want to reduce wind resistance (as if I ever pedal that fast for that to matter) and to give me a new position when I get tired or uncomfortable. I mainly got them for the position thing because I have a hybrid which gives limited places to put your hands, unlike a road bike. I do like to tuck going down hills sometimes or to avoid gnat clouds which are really bad by me.

      And thanks for the welcome back!

      1. treerabold

        Gotcha!! 🙂

        Our trip through your world will be here before we know it. I’d still love to grab lunch or have a little visit as we pass through.
        We will be driving from Sault Ste Marie toward Green Bay on Saturday August 22nd.
        Let me know if that will work for you!

      2. Sue Post author

        Yes, that should work just fine! We will be back home by then. We could grab dinner or lunch or just a cup of coffee, depending on when you come thru. Can’t wait to meet you and your family!

      3. treerabold

        I am looking forward to meeting you also! And if your husband is able to join us….please let him know I have a few questions about that picture you posted of him!! 🙂

      4. treerabold

        So should I just stare at him when we meet…suspicious like?!! I fear the poor guy won’t know what hit him once you and I are in a room together 🙂

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